Been down and out for the better part of the week with a cold that quickly escalated to a UTI, now a fever. But alas, things are subsiding and one more day and I’ll be right as the rain outdoors.

Now being sick tends to leave one with lots of time to themselves  – time to nap, time to drink tea, time to eat chicken soup and time to think about SEEDS!

January is prime Seed Catalog Season which means each day a new catalog shows up in my mailbox. I have to restrain myself lest I spend an entire paycheque on heirloom seeds. But at the same time I am getting ready to order lots of rare heirloom seeds, so I may end up spending a whole paycheque on heirloom seeds. There are so many to choose from, how does one choose? Each is as exciting as the next. Oh for shame, what will I do?

So, what rare, unique and fun heirloom seeds would you like to see in your garden this year?

Are you crazy about cabbages? Tickled for tomatoes? I’d love to know! Leave me a message in the comments box as I am always on the hunt for new SEEDS for MySeedLibrary Heirloom Garden Boxes!

Do you have gardening tools and supplies we’d love to hear from you as well – email us at

insta: #MySeedLibrary @cottagebotanicals


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