Today’s to come, send all my love to tomorrow.

In case you did not know me: I am quite keen on classifying and teaching botany while rafting down white water rapids. I hate traffic jams hence commute biped or drive my 72 VW around town AT or below the posted speed limit. I don’t play computer games (except for Skyrim – and even then I just walk around collecting plants and making mead). I try my best to be a Regency-era woman, with a deep and profound love of all things botanical, and drink lots of tea.
Although when this gets to be too hard of work I sometimes wind up being merely eccentric and I have a short fuse.
Main city-side leisure activities are chasing cats peeing on plants; main country-side activities are chasing plants growing around forests. Some amount of canoeing and back country hiking and camping gets done in-between.
Plants are, of course, the most important thing in the universe. And love is, a necessary requirement for life.

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