Web Black-out

We’ve been having some pretty serious internet wibbly wobbly timey whimey stuff happening here at Cottage Botanicals. I got a notification from a customer mid-April that they couldn’t access our site – aghast, it almost took a month going between service reps at our hosting server, then deciding to switch to a new host who solved all the problems in one afternoon. Phew! I am still trying to figure out some of the issues with the blog as it appears that my re-direct from wordpress to my main site just keeps hanging up with blank pages.

If you see this post on our blog – let me know!

Otherwise, please hang in there while we deal with this strange web black-out. In the mean time you can visit our Etsy shop to see all the products we have available and I’ll let you know we will soon be up to five hives! It’s spring in southern Ontario (although it snowed today) and our ladies our out and about buzzing . No hive losses which makes it two years running, and a possible split down the road.




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