I can hear my internal Dalek waging war inside my mind. But instead of waging war against all humanity and The Doctor it is: extraction! Extraction! EXTRACTION!

Our final autumn honey flow is on! We’ve actually ran out of room – not enough shallow supers, but plenty of frames so we will need to make another trip to Propolis etc soon.

Two weeks ago after our trip back from NFLD and Saint Pierre France (where Dan proposed to me!!) we came back to two shallow supers full. So few friends came over, we cracked the cider and go to it. We are now into the final flow and the taste is so different!

Our first harvest was airy and light, this one definitely has a darker caramel colour and the flavour is slightly apple like.

Dan snapped this video today, sorry about the quality – but it is about 45 lbs of pure, raw, honey from one deep super.

Love! We have only been selling locally to friends and co-workers this year as our shop / shed is still under construction.

Next year I promise!

Be sure to check out the shop at www.cottagebotanicals.com


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