Cleaning House


I returned today to transfer the hive to a NUC box.

I prepped the NUC box at home and brought everything with me to Joe’s. Once I reached the hive I noticed that the entrance reducer had fallen off and the hive was over exposed. I prepped all the equipment and opened the hive.

At first glance I noticed that it was eerily quiet. Not a single bee was on the top hive. We may have lost more bees over just a week of not being there. It was definitely time to put them in a NUC box.

I did not look for the queen.

The transition between brood box and NUC was quick. 3 full frames of honey added to the NUC box and all the bees accounted for….hopefully.

The dividing of bees in the brood box began and slowly and carefully I transported the NUC box to the car. After which I brought the empty brood box to the car, which was a struggle, considering it weighed around 40 pounds. The location was at the top of a very steep hill, sheltered by conifers. With most of the honey inedible to the bees, I carried the hive down very gingerly to the car.

Now with Joe’s bees safely in the car and saying my goodbyes to this location, I travelled back home.

I placed the bees away from the other two hives and had them facing the sun. I soon noticed that the entrance was active with bees. Not sure if they were other bees from different hives or bees from Joe’s bees.

Later today I moved the hive from its original location up to the top, beside The Cottage Bees.


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