Spring Bee Clean-up

First day of spring and it just so happens to be feeding time for the bees. FYI, make sure that it is a warm sunny day as to not shock the bees due to cold.

First things first, we need to clean the bottom boards of dead bees. The process is simple, lift the hive (potentially light, because there should be less honey in the hive) and put it onto a new bottom board; easier said than done. The hive still weighed nearly 45 pounds, which should be  a good sign.

Once the hive is off the bottom board and onto the new one,  we saw a board littered with dead bees and wax debris. A quick clean and we transferred the hive back onto the original bottom board.


Next step was to set up the feeding jar for the 1:1 sugar water.

Spring Sugar Water (1:1)

2 kilograms white sugar

2 kilograms hot tap water

Heat gently until dissolved. Add 2 tsp Honey Bee Healthy to every 1L sugar water. Place in mason jar and into board man feeder. Eat, drink and bee merry! Makes 3.5L

We placed the entrance reducer to the large entrance to allow the feeding mount to fit and placed the jar gently into the slot. We should expect the jar to be empty within 2 days as long as the temperatures hold where they are above zero.

Oh how we’ve missed beekeeping. Spring has sprung and we’re surely soon to be stung.


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