Beeing Thankful

So today was another glorious bee keeping day. It included many tasks involving the creation of sugar water to feed our wittle bees  for the winter, moving a hive to face the warmth of the sun and melting wax to hopefully draw out the honey and leave nothing but wax!!!

The sugar water had a 2 to 1 ratio (2 parts sugar and 1 part water). This with a bit of “Honey Bee Health” will give our bees that extra boost before the winter. The bee health product is about 26 dollars and includes lemongrass and peppermint essential oils as ingredients.

We added the boardman feeder to “Wendy’s” bees which helps dispense the sugar water to the bees (see image 2).  We also decided to relocate “Wendy’s Bees” to a warmer location that had more direct sunlight. We noticed soon after that the bee’s level of activity increased dramatically  with a few degree difference outside.

Something that did not turn out as we hoped and actually was a detriment to the bees was leaving mason jars open on their side with sugar water or left over honey in front of the hive. We soon realized that the bees or other hungry insects would get stuck in the honey and were unable to escape.

We would like give a big shout out to everyone and say, “Happy Thanksgiving” and we hope that you eat and sleep well and have a wonderful holiday with your families.



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