Towards the Lonely Mountain

2013-12-16 16.01.25 2013-12-10 23.09.21Have you ever wanted to have your own map of the expedition taken by the company of Thorin Oakenshield? I have created this excellent embroidery outline of Thror’s map, given to Bilbo at the onset of his expedition to reclaim back what was once lost to the Dwarves of Middle Earth. This is a large print, excellent framed and hung in a study and measures approximately 42″ x 32″ on a yard of fabric.

I am using DMC colours DMC Black #0310, DMC Pale Bay Blue #3756 (ruins) and DMC Garnet #0816 (Smaug). I printed this using Spoonflower on one yard of Linen-Cotton Canvas as it stretches nicely, and does not show pin pricks. It’s uneven weave and natural colouring gives it a wonderfully ancient feel. If I had thought about it prior to starting I would have washed the linen in a tea bath to give it a more worn feel. 

An adventure not to be taken by the weak hearted: be sure to budget time – it may very well take you years to reach the Lonely Mountains!

If you would like to purchase this print head on over to my profile on Spoonflower.


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